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Builds and Leveling.
There are many types of build but there are 3 main categorys: Pure Str, Pure Int and Hybrid. I'll explain all 3.
Pure Strength: These builds are mainly the more stronger builds being as though they have all points in str which gives goo physical damage and means a lot of HP. Pure str normally use glaive, blade or bow.

Glaive is the strongest of the 3 with a high physical damage and high criticals. The minus of the galive is that it has no block like the shield or range like the bow. Normally people would wear garments with glaive because their phy defence is already high enough to withstand attacks and the Mp bonus of the garment is a nice + while you don't have much MP.

Blade is mainly the slowest build of them all. Not so high damage but very good at tanking. Tanking is where many things can attack it and they can withstand all the damage without dying. These are the builds who will fight on the frontline and draw all the fire towards them.

Bow is one of the least popular builds as it is not too strong and takes a long while to get a shot off, also because of the no shield doesn't have the ability of tanking. The bow is mainly used for PvE not PVP.

Pure Int:Very powerfull build. These builds are called nukers, because of the lvl 30 and above nukes which they use to inflict massive damage from range. They are weak physically but excell in 1 hitting things. They normally wear armour for the added physical bonus.

Spear: The highest damage of the INT builds with the spears high mag attack it unleashes powerful nukes at people from far away. It lacks the ability of the sword and shield because the health is so low it can be killed easier. Normally spear users stay at the back of wars and use nukes to inflict damage on the pure STR who have hardly any mag defence.

Sword and Shield: The Sword and shield the 2nd most popular INT build. The high mag attack of the sword and the brilliant defence and block of the shield is a powerful adversary in PVP. It excells against other nukers because of the block ratio and the ability to tank more than a spear user. It does not inflict as much as a spear but it still is 1 of the best builds in the game.

Bow: The pure INT bow is normally used to lvl from 1-30 because it is the fastest. As soon has you get nukes at lvl 30 you no longer need a bow, you should switch to a spear or sword and shield. A pure INT bow has hardly any defence and a low mag damage. A bad build really.

Hybrids: The new craze in builds. An hybrid can be classed as Str or Int or Equal. This corresponds to how many INT and Str points they put at each lvl. Example is a 2:1 build INT. This means every level they put 2 points on INT and 1 on STR

Hybrid INT: This is a powerful build as it has the good damage of a nuker and the physical defence of a str. These normally use INT weapons (EG spear or sword and shield.)

STR Hybrid: This build i'm not too knowledgable in. It is less powerful than a pure str but has the magical defence needed sometime to beat pure INT's in battle.

1:1 Hybrid: This build has equal points so every 2 lvls they put 2 on str and 1 on int then next lvl 2 on int 1 on str etc... These builds are not Extremeley powerful in any way and are to very common.

Leveling: Leveling favours pure INT's the ability to do great damage from far away and 1 hit white monsters is a good xp gainer. Pure STR have to run to their target put their ability to attack more than 1 monster at a time helps them gain more xp. Hybrids are the slowest levelers as they dion't excell in anyway.