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Getting Started
Once you hit lvl 5 you will be able to form a party, a party is a big part of Silkroad.
A party with Exp Distrubution will give you 10% more Xp when full!
A party with 8 players is good for trading and thieving as you can see each other on the map and chat with each other.

A Guild is also a massive part of Silkroad,
You can create a guild at lvl 20 for a fee of 500k Gold.
Once you've created your guild you can recruit your friends or people in the game to be your friends in the guild.
Once you start training while in the guild you'll notice for every 1 SP you get you'll earn 1 GP for your guild.

You'll notice if you press "U" there's a bar with a % Once this bar is full
you can go to the guild master in the town and level up your guild for a fee,
It's 3 million gold from lvl 1-2 9 million gold from 2-3 (Need help don't know how much :p).
Once your guild is lvl 2 you can invite another guild to be in a union.

A Union is a group of Guilds a maximum of 8 guilds that can chat to each other using the Union chat and also hold events together.
Union guilds names will appear green to you.